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Help to Help is a project formed by esteban Moncher, intending to find help for a family that was in dire need. This project is intended to help many people, because they really need them, this project represents the voice of those who can not express themselves, this project intends to release many they were clueless, hopelessly. My name is Stephen Moncher, I'm a Dominican-Haitian.   I have a 24, I am graduate, my dream has always been to help others, I have no money, but I have my voice and I was writing and I was surfing the Internet, so I thought of creating a project in which could represent the needs of others, because I discovered that it's the only way I can give back a little of many that god has given me, I hope you have the same intentions as me, and I intend to help others but want to help a child to smile again.   If you want to help please contact us at 18295928361 or send an email to our email


Good evening, my name is esteban Moncher,’m Haitian, I was born in carraballo, on April 2, 1989, 12 years after my family moved to Sosua, thanks to Mrs. donna langman, we donated a house in the community, Villa redemption, Mrs. donna langman, has since taken over my family, she is the one that is in charge of my studies and my brothers, to come a time I moved to the capital city, Santo Domingo, for study, and to advance to a better environment and help my family, but what I expected to find that was not what I found, it seems that everything is different living conditions here in this city you get, are worse than those it had in Sosua, Sosua people are beyond help of the missionaries, who constantly visit Sosua and help them, here in Welcome Manoguayabo is not the same, here everyone has to fight to survive, but there are very few job opportunities , and people spend many famines, and many children can not go to school, I am part of these people, but as I’m from Sosua and I know how things work in Sosua, I decided to make this project without help, many people see my posts on facebook and think it is a fraud, but I will tell you it is not, this is only the publications of a boy from a good heart,who wants the best for the community in which he lives,

I know online thefts are very common, but this is not one of them,
is that there is no way prove it, but you yourself can check yourself can travel to this community and deliver your donations to these poor families

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